History For Hire creates custom newspapers for entertainment projects and recreates newspapers for museum displays and other visual mediums.

Our standard newspaper package starts with an ND (Non-descript) page into which a custom masthead, headline, sub-headline, photo and caption can be inserted. This combination is $150.00 for the first copy. Additional back and inside ND pages are available for $15 a page and features within those pages include horoscope, want ads, crossword puzzles and single-frame comics.

We print our newspapers on newsprint. They are inkjet copies and are not water safe. If needed, we would be happy to obtain laser copies for the client if needed. Our in-house size is maximum 14" x 22.5" for a single page. If a larger period paper, such as The New York Times, or Wall Street Journal is needed, we can facilitate the printing of small numbers of papers to satisfy that requirement as well.

Newspapers are generally tabloid size from the American Revolution through the Civil War, but begin to be larger starting in the late 1800's. Throughout most of the 20th century they are 14" to 17" in width and 22" - 23" high.

We are happy to print from customer files as well as preparing complete pages as needed. Our vast reference library has newspaper samples from select foreign countries and can provide visual reference back to the 18th Century.

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