Q- When will the book come out?

A- The book is In stock and available now.

Q- What is the Deluxe Limited Edition?

A- The Deluxe Limited Edition is actually two books — Vox Amplifiers, The JMI Years, and a hardbound schematic portfolio book. Both books are packaged together in a special slipcase. Only 1000 of this first generation will be made, and will be personally signed and numbered by the author, Jim Elyea.

Q- What if I want a Deluxe Limited Edition, and they are sold out?

A- If there is enough interest, we will undertake a second printing of Deluxe Editions. These will not be the signed and numbered Limited Edition. They will have all the same elements, and information, but will have slightly different graphics. These would not be available until 2009.

Q- How do I get a low number book?

A- Numbers will be assigned in the order paid orders are received. Earlier numbers will go to earlier orders.

Q- Can I hand pick a specific number?

A- No. Because of the mechanics of how books are boxed and stored, this is not possible

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