Jim Elyea grew up in Texas and Kansas listening to Rock and Roll on the radio in the 1950s one of his earliest memories is listening to “Blue Suede Shoes” as a kid in the back of his parents ’56 Oldsmobile Super 88. Jim took up the drums in 1960, and later, as a teenager, followed the music of the British Invasion. Inspired by The Beatles, The Who, and others, he was able to play the music he loved in local bands. Never far from gear, in high school he did drawings of his amp designs on his English homework. When it came time to choose a college, Jim was torn between a career in electronics or the arts, but chose the later, and in 1973 graduated with honors from the prestigious Art Center College of Design with a degree in Illustration.
 Jim worked as a graphic artist at several television stations and networks including ABC and CBS. While there, he worked as a courtroom artist, covering trials that included Larry Flynt, John DeLorean, and The NFL vs. the Oakland Raiders. His freelance art clients included Neil Diamond, HBO, and Star Wars/Revenge of the Jedi.




Photo by Alice Hall.

     During the re-emergence of the live music scene in Los Angles in the late 1970s, Jim worked at night clubs until the early hours of the morning, mixing the sound for bands such as “X” and Red Shift, while at the same time working as a graphic artist during the day.
     Later, looking for a career in the film business, Jim started History For Hire prop house in 1985, with "Platoon," the company’s first credit. History For Hire quickly specialized in the rentals of the icons of popular culture, especially Rock and Roll equipment, with movies including, "Great Balls of Fire," "What’s Love Got to Do With It?," "Grace Of My Heart,"  "Dreamgirls," "That Thing You Do," "Ray," and "Walk Hard."                                                                               

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