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Thank you for you interest in The Vox Database. With your help, it will become an even greater tool for all of us. You will find that most of the questions require knowledge you will get from this book. Please fill out your questionnaire as completely as possible. Some questions ask you to partially disassemble your amplifier. If you are not comfortable opening your amp, please feel free to treat these questions as optional. If you have loose Celestion Alnico speakers in addition to your amplifier, it would be helpful for you to answer the speaker questions for them. Photos can be helpful, and a few pictures can answer most of the questions. If you send photos, please keep them to a minimum. I suggest, Front, Back, Top, Serial number plate closeup, closeup of covering, if it is not basketweave. Nothing will be used for publication. Thank you for contributing. I apologize in advance, but there will not be time to give you a personal reply. Get out your screwdriver and flashlight; it’s time to begin. Don’t forget to be extra careful inside the amp.

Some of the capacitors inside can hold a lethal-sized charge for a very long time, even with the amp off and unplugged. This means there are voltages present (450+ volts) inside the amp that could kill you. If you are not familiar with safe procedures for dealing with the voltages present, or with discharging capacitors,   don’t open the amplifier. Have a professional do it. If you have a pacemaker or similar device, do not open the back of the amp. Better to be safe, than sorry.
                                                                               General Questions
1) What model is your amplifier? Put down exactly what is stamped into the backplate.
2) What is the exact serial number on the plate?
3) What version of the serial number plate does your amplifier have?
4) Do you have any reason to suspect that the Serial Number plate has been changed?
5) Do the numbers line up evenly (machine stamped), or are they a bit sloppy (stamped by hand)?
6) Does your amp have one or two speakers?
7) What kind of covering does your amp have?
8) What color and type is the grillcloth?
9) What kind of vents does it have?
10) What color is the control panel? Are there numbers around the control settings?
11) What type of speakers does it have? Please list brand, type, color, and model number. Please describe all markings, and where the speaker wires attach to the frame.
12) What colors are the wires going to the speakers? Are they original?
13) Are the speakers fastened to the baffle with one nut per bolt, or with a pair of nuts per bolt?
14) Are the back edges of the amp cabinet radiused or right angled?
15) What kind of handles does it have?
16) What type of ON/OFF (mains) switch does it have?
17) What type of corners, if any, does it have? Have they been replaced?
18) What kind of knobs does it have?
19) What type of mains (pilot, on/off) light does it have?