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Doug Fieger and Don Butler admire the displays

at the first Vox Fest.

Initiated by Roger Tessier, VoxFest has been happening since the first 'Fest in Riverside,  California in 1999.  A modest affair held in his backyard, VoxFest '99 was the first opportunity for many of the on-line Vox fans who had been networking at various websites (notably The Vox Showroom) to meet in person.


Since then, VoxFest has given Vox enthusiasts a chance to meet each other, and to see and hear vintage amps and guitars — as well as the most up to date models of all things Vox. In 2004 Jim Elyea joined forces with Roger to co-host the rapidly growing event, a partnership that endures to this day.


Throughout the years, Vox Fest has played host to many famous Vox users such as Gordon Waller of Peter & Gordon fame, Phil 'FANG' Volk of Paul Revere and the Raiders, and was the first venue in over 30 years to host the reformed 'Electric Prunes'.





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