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Sections include -

1) The history of Vox, set against the larger history of guitar amplifiers and British and American Music.

2) A series of chapters on all of the parts that make up Vox amplifiers, such as cabinets, coverings, speakers, grillcloths, valves, handles, stands, etc.

3) The entire start to finish process of bringing an amplifier to life, including production totals.

4) The details of each of the Vox amplifier models, covering their developments and circuits. A large chapter in this section rates 45 different models of Vox amplifiers for their sound, and for their suitability for live, studio, and home use.

5) 100 pages that tell about the groups that used Vox amplifiers, with The Shadows and The Beatles each having their own chapters. As expected, there are plenty of gear shots, including some unseen and seldom seen photographs of The Beatles.

6) How to date your amplifier. The secrets of date codes, serial numbers, and serial number plates are revealed. Also included is a month-by-month chart for dating A.C.30 Twins.

7) A full Vox chronology and a full listing of JMI employees is included, along with source materials.