cereal chart

History For Hire has many cereal boxes. They range in age from the early 20th century to the 1990s. Since they are a great way to indicate time period, we are always adding boxes to our stock, so this page will change frequently and may not completely reflect the brands that we have in stock, nor does this chart represent the ND boxes that we carry as well.

Al boxes are printed directly on 14pt chip board, and our practical boxes come lined with bogus paper and are complete with waxed paper linings.

The boxes pictured are those for which digital art files have been created. We have other boxes which we keep as reference so that when a script is written that includes a specific kind of cereal we may have a vintage reference box in stock.

We make every effort to make sure all six sides of the box are crisp and correct, although all sides are not always available for reproduction.

The printed list on our regular graphics page represents both the digital and reference files we have, while this page reflects only those for which digital files have been prepared.

If a box exists only as a reference file or object, it will be necessary to create complete art. Our minimum graphics charge is $80 for labor and an additional $15 for materials. A cereal box can take up to four hours depending on complexity and the clarity required. Creating a new box from an existing digital file includes a $40 unarchive/setup fee, plus the material and minimum hours charge for the first box. All additional boxes are $40 per box.

If we have overruns available, they range between $10 and $20 for an uncut, unfolded box.  We cannot guarantee overruns for every box for which we have art or reference.