HFH VB 2012

History For Hire has many foreign brand cigarettes from various periods for your television, film, stage, and music video needs. We have many more reference packs than those shown, but these ar the ones that already have digital files.
We are in the process of migrating graphics files from older media to more current media and will be adding many more images. In addition to the brands above, we also have select packs from Russia, Japan and Southeast Asia as digital files. If you don't see the brand you are seeking here, please feel free to call or email to determine if we have the brand you are seeking.

Cigarettes prepared for practical use include
20 herbal cigarettes (generally Honey Rose herbals), inner foil, outer label, tobacco stamp appropriate for the age of the cigarette, and cellophane outside wrap with a contrast color opening strip which runs along a pre-perforation in the cellophane for easy opening.

Cigarettes are available in the 60mm "regular size" size which is common from the 1880s through the mid-1950s, and the 80mm "king" size which began being in general use from the late 1940's through today. It is necessary to cut down the 80mm herbals in order to make them suitable for 60mm packages, although once you remove the filters, it is necessary to put a 1/4" spacer in the bottom of the pack as the removal of the filter makes the cigarette shorter than 60mm. Foreign cigarettes often come in flat packages of 20 rather than the conventional packs we have in the U.S. They are also often wrapped vertically rather than horizonally as U.S. cigarettes are. Some foreign cigarettes are also available in the box containers which were popular beginning in 1953 and continue to today.

The 100mm cigarettes size is not available in an herbals. It is possible to have 100mm tubes packed with herbal tobacco for a premium cost.

History For Hire will also prepare cigarette packages with provided art if so desired.

Our custom practical cigarettes are $70 per pack, with a minimum purchase of $100.00. Individual label/tobacco stamp sets are $4.50 per set, and there is a $35 minimum order cost when purchasing overrun/overstock labels.