Q. How long are rentals for? 

A. Rentals are measured in one week increments. A one week rental is due back the same day of the following week.


Q. Is there a daily rate?

A. No.  


Q. What happens if I bring props back early?  

A. We appreciate it.


Q. What happens if I keep them longer than specified on my rental agreement? 

A. You will owe additional rental. This is figured at our standard production rate.


Q. Do you have production rates?   

A. Yes. We use the standard motion picture production rates. The first week is 100%. All subsequent weeks are 50% of the first. Fourth weeks are free, if booked in advance.


Q. Do you rent to the general public. 

A. No. History For Hire is only open to the trade.


Q. Do I have to have an account to rent props? 

A. No. You can also pay with cash, check, or a credit card.


Q. How do I open an account? 

A. Download our forms and fax or mail back a signed copy. Accounts generally take a week to open and are designed for companies that will have multiple rentals over a set period of time.


Q. Is there sales tax? 

A. We do not charge sales tax on rentals. For Graphics purchases in the state of California, you will be charged California sales tax.


Q. Are (microphones, radios, cameras, lights, etc.) practical (in working order)?   

A. In many cases our props are practical.


Q. Do you provide clearances? 

A. Generally, no. For our custom made graphics, we can provide clearances.


Q. I broke/lost something I rented, what should I do? 

A. Don't panic. Notify our Returns Department as soon as possible. The replacement value of the prop should be on your rental agreement.


Q. Can I paint, touch up, modify something I rented?    

A. Usually not. In select cases we are able to allow this, but only with prior written permission.


Q. Will I have to leave a deposit?  

A. If you do not have an account, you will have to leave a security deposit. This is usually for the full replacement value of the item(s) rented. It is at least 10 times the rental price and on some items can be more.


Q. What form can the deposit take? 

A. Cash, Company Check, or Credit Card.


Q. How do I get my deposit back? 

A. After all returns have been done, and all bills have been settled, any amount remaining on the security deposit will be returned to you.


Q. Do you ship to other cities/countries? 

A. We are proud to say we have shipped our props to 37 countries and Antarctica — all the continents of the world. We go everywhere.


Q. When do I need to have a Certificate of Insurance? 

A. A Certificate of Insurance is required, with History named as ADDITIONAL INSURED and LOSS PAYEE. We will require a security deposit equal to the insurance deductible or the replacement value of the props rented, whichever is less.