1920s Studio Microphone, from "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?"
American Indian Shooting bag and Powder Horn
Brass hotel luggage cart

Wicker luggage from "The Road to Wellville"
Early 1900s Baseball Gear from "Cobb"
Japanese canteen from "The Thin Red Line"
Haversack from "The Phantom"
1880s luggage for "Maverick" shown far right, and, right, with star, Mel Gibson.
Below: 1950s pool cue case, "Cold Case."

Gary Aardahl
Custom Shop Manager

Our Custom Shop is run by Gary Aardahl, a cum laude graduate of the History Department

of California State University, Long Beach. After several years of post graduate work, Gary spent three

years at the  Natural  History Museum of Los Angeles County restoring artifacts and fabricating pieces for

exhibition. Nineteen years ago, after many years spent running his own business, Gary joined the staff at

History For Hire, setting up our Custom Shop. Over the years, Gary and his staff  have been able to produce

literally thousands of specialty historical props ranging from ancient Phoenician writing tablets, through

Medieval armaments, the early 1600s, the American Revolutionary War, the 1860s, the twentieth century and

the present day.


Our Custom Shop makes and restores every era of military equipments, as well as hand made Native American

props, including beaded bags, bow cases, shields, and weapons. They are also versed in

most out-of-date technologies, including microphones and early television equipment. 

When it comes to making or repairing anything from wicker suitcases to 20th century

newsgathering, there is not a finer shop anywhere.