In the film business, some prop items are destroyed during their use, such as flash bulbs and paper cups, and are known as "expendables." History For Hire carries a number of lines of original vintage and vintage-style expendable items, and these are available for purchase at our shop.


Being a rental facility, History For Hire cannot sell its inventory of props. Occasionally, however, we will de-accession because we do not handle that line anymore, or it is too worn to be able to withstand further rental. Those items include doubles on books from our research library and the occasional prop item, and will be listed for sale within this section. No other items are ever sold by History For Hire, so please do not inquire. Of course, we cannot guarantee the condition, provenance, or copyright of any item sold by History For Hire.  Please note that there is a $35 minimum for orders from our Company Store, not including shipping. Orders sent to California addresses will be charged 9.25% state sales tax.


"Vox Amplifiers, The JMI Years" was twelve years in the making, and is the complete story on the guitars amplifiers that The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and virtually all of the British Invasion groups of the mid-1960s. With sales to over 15 countries,

and absolutely rave reviews, it has already been acknowledged as raising the bar

on books about rock and roll equipment. 


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